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First Responder


Health and safety first!

As a part of many Canadian communities, Dominion Lending Centres knows how integral our first responders are. From coast-to-coast, you put Canadians first and ensure the health and safety of this great country – and we wanted to give you something in return.

The Dominion Lending Centres First Responder Mortgage Program™ was created exclusively for you. The goal? To provide a helping hand on your journey to and throughout homeownership.

Who is Eligible:

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Police Officers


Firefighters (employed and volunteer)

Correctional Services

Border Services

Search & Rescue (employed and volunteer)

Registered Physicians

Registered Nurses

Our Promise

The Dominion Lending Centres First Responder Mortgage Program™ aims to provide you and your family with the best available mortgage option. From purchasing a home to switching from your current mortgage lender, we are here for you. If you are eligible for this program, you have access to the following incredible benefits:

  • Competitive rates 1
  • Up to $1,600 cashback on all eligible new purchase transactions – or up to $1,200 when you switch 2 your existing mortgage to a new qualified Fixed or Variable rate mortgage 3
  • Up to $400 for discharge and switch fees 4
  • Additional cash offers available with eligible banking packages 4


1Rates are subject to change and are dependent on qualification and credit rating, speak with your mortgage expert to learn more.

2Switch Promotional Cashback offer cannot be combined with the cashback for purchase transactions or IFP cashback deal.

3Customers must attend in branch meeting in order to qualify for the cashback promotion.

4Some conditions apply.

Apply Now!

We take the stress out of the mortgage process.

Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Experts are dedicated to finding the best mortgage for YOU! Our only goal is to provide the best financing solution to meet YOUR unique needs. Our First Responder Mortgage Program™ is exclusive to Dominion Lending Centres and is backed by one of Canada’s largest banks. As an eligible First Responder, you will receive competitive rates and cashback incentives based on your mortgage amount. If you are looking to achieve your dream of home ownership, talk to us today for unbiased advice and the very best mortgage solutions.



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