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Hacks for Saving More This Boxing Day

Shopping hacks to help you not break the bank this boxing day!

Zeroing in on the best sale is only half the Boxing Day battle; the other half is priming yourself to pocket, even more, change at the register. We’ll let you in on our secrets for going way south of a Boxing Day sale’s advertised prices.

Gift Yourself a Discount

Pause: Is this your first time hounding Boxing Day sales, or is it a confirmed ritual? If you’re nodding at the latter, the next time your partner/family/friends ask you what you want for your birthday or Christmas, tell them to skip the guesswork of finding you the perfect item and to instead just give you a gift card to your favourite retailer.

Or take matters into your own hands by dusting off any unused rewards points you might have lying around. A number of major rewards programs—like  Airmiles—allow you to convert points into gift cards for the likes of Best Buy

A Bargain Bonanza

While the culture of Boxing Day has changed significantly in the past two years, its tradition of killer sales fortunately seems here to stay. December 26 remains one of the most fiscally savvy days to buy big-ticket appliances, electronics, and furniture.

But don’t get too intoxicated by the bargains, lest you end up with a holiday hangover when your credit bills come due. A great sale is only great if you can afford it!

Original Source: https://www.greedyrates.ca/blog/boxing-day-deals-canada/

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