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March Home Checklist

The start of a new month always comes with a list of to-dos. As Spring is right around the corner, there are a few things you might want to check up on around the house. To prepare your property for the new season, check out our March Home checklist!

Check your walkways, driveway, and roof for winter damage

Once winter has passed and the snow has melted, check key areas around the exterior of your house for winter damage. It is important to do routine maintenance checkups like this to avoid long-term damage and more expensive repairs down the road.

Get ready for tax time

The tax-filing deadline in Canada isn’t until April 30, but getting everything organized this month will make things a lot less stressful. Go through your paperwork, update your files, and gather all of your important documents in one place.

Spring clean your mirrors and surfaces

With more sunshine on the way, you’ll want to get started on some spring cleaning. Dust all your mirrors, lamps, tables, and surfaces to make your house shine. If you’re selling your home in the near future, a clean house will always give off a better impression to home buyers.

Make a plan for your garden

Springtime means it’s garden season. Start to think about what you’ll want to be planting this year. Make a budget and draft up what you need to purchase to make it your dream garden.

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