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Tips To Make Your Winter Move A Chill Time

Living in Canada comes with its weather complications this time of the year. If you have a big move coming up, the cold weather and icy driveways can make this process a lot more tedious than it usually is. To make your move during the Winter a chill time, follow these helpful tips!

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Dress For Success

The first thing to consider is what to wear; While the practical advice of wearing clothes, you don’t mind the possibility of damage still holds, it’s essential to layer up. In south-western Ontario, temperatures can drop to as low as -26c in the day! 

Extra layers of track pants and shirts can help you stay warm without having to confine your movement in a thick jacket. 

It’s not enough to throw on a couple of shirts, find yourself a pair of winter boots with good traction, non-slip kitchen wear does not protect against icy walkways! 

Don’t forget about your hands! Leaving them exposed to low temperatures can lead to numbing, which affects your ability to keep a secure grip on things. A sturdy pair of Winter construction gloves are great as they are a proper thickness and have grips on the palms to help with traction. 

Stay Home For The Holidays

This is up to your personal preference, and if you’re planning on using a moving company, but a good rule of thumb is to avoid moving during the Holidays. Standard “Holiday” dates are usually between December 21st – January 2nd, so avoid moving during this time to avoid any unexpected cancellations and avoiding the Holiday rush at stores. 

Get Help

It’s advised never to move alone, as you are usually required to lift heavy objects, and to do this alone can lead to injury or burning out faster. Even if you’re Mister Universe and can bench press the load on your own, take into consideration: 

  • Help loading or unloading the truck with others cuts down on time
  • Assistance with getting your new location ready by sweeping/shoveling and salting the walkways 
  • A babysitter for any children while you get the job done

The term “teamwork is dream work” comes to mind when planning a move, asking for help from friends can help make light of the workload. If you don’t have anyone to ask, consider hiring the help of professional movers to guarantee your move will go over smoothly. 

The Early Bird Accounts For Daylight Savings

As a general best practice when moving, aim to start early in the day to give yourself enough time to deal with any situations that may happen. Don’t let the change in time and how soon the sun sets slip your mind! While it may not seem like a big deal, depending on visibility and road conditions, it’s best to aim to get your move done while it’s still light out, avoiding any mishaps that could happen on the road at night. 

Don’t Get Salty

A common stressor when doing anything in the Winter is road salt. While it’s great to help thaw sidewalks, the damage it does to cars, shoes and, more importantly, your floors is a real pain. You can use old blankets or tarps to protect your floors if you find yourself having to walk in and out often.

If no tarps or blankets are available, divide up the work and have two teams: one walking from truck to door and the others take the items inside while not wearing shoes. It’s a simple solution to a potentially costly problem. 

Turn A House Into A Home

During the Winter, typical new home duties like shoveling your driveway, laying down salt, and turning on your utilities should be done a day or two before your move. Shovel the driveway and ensure that your delivery vehicle can park with enough clear and salted floor space to allow for the movers to walk safely. 

Pro Tip: Traditional pizza and drinks can be okay, but preparing an easy slow cooker meal can cut the chore of making dinner that night and provides everyone with a hearty warm meal after a day of work in the cold!

Be Prepared

Now, after all the planning you have done from packing to prepping your new home, things are set to go off without a hitch, right? Father Winter may have to disagree; Most moves don’t go according to plan. With added factors of weather conditions, it’s important to plan for a delayed start to unpacking or even a delay in the moving process. Having a travel bag or luggage bag with a change of clothes, snacks, and toiletries ready in case you are packed up with nowhere to go. 

Pro Tip: If you think you won’t be needing that much, a rule of thumb is to have a cleaning kit ready, so you can clean as you unpack.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Mobile Storage Rentals

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