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When can I renew my mortgage?

Generally it is a good idea to start shopping for a new term between four and six months before your current mortgage term expires.

Many lenders send out your renewal letter very close to the time that your term expires and this does not give you ample time to arrange for a mortgage term through a different lender.

This means that you need to be tracking your own mortgage term timeframe and know when it is time to start shopping for a good mortgage renewal rate.

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Consider your circumstances

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Has your income changed?

Have your expenses changed?

Has your appetite for financial risk changed?

Are you starting a family or getting married, or had a change in your marital status?

Do you need to pay for tuition, a wedding or another milestone event?

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Examine your goals

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Let us help you

Never accept the first rate offer from their existing lender. Without any negotiation, simply signing up for the market rate on a renewal is unnecessarily costing you a lot of money on their mortgage.Let us renew the terms for you to ensure that you are getting the best rate and product. 

Before you ever hear from your lender about renewing your mortgage term, we are able to shop banks for you we work for you.

Rework it the way you see fit.